Encore alcohol based palettes provide previously unseen design and unparalleled performance. Encore alcohol activated palettes come standard with a built-in magnetic platform holding up to 10 different interchangeable pans with colors of your choice and a removable mixing plate that comfortably fits in an artist’s hand. Encore’s innovative magnetic design provides artists with no boundaries before, during and even after a job when it comes to customization and reordering of individual refills. Each refill is dry and ready to use allowing artists to stock up on popular colors or quickly restock a color when needed.

The ENCORE SKT skin tone collection provides exceptional coverage, wear-ability and water resistance when used on human skin yet it also holds extremely well on foam and silicon prosthetics. Encore SKT can be easily removed with EBA’s alcohol based VAPORE or with the alcohol free SKT-7 makeup moisturizing remover.
All ingredients are of a cosmetic grade and all pigments are approved by the FDA.

• Water resistant tattoo cover up
• Skin concealing
• Film and TV prosthetics makeup
• Haunt and Halloween
• Runway and bridal makeup
• Live broadcasting
• Underwater commercials
• Stage and performance makeup
• Cosplay

• Fully customizable palette with magnetic platform and interchangeable colors.
• Water, sweat and rub resistant
• Realistic natural finish
• Micronized HD pigments
• Instant drying
• Applicable on skin and foam, latex and silicon appliances
• Easily Removable with Vapore or SKT-7
• Activated with 99% alcohol
• Matching SKT SKIN Cover Up Airbrush ENDURA and ENCORE Palette Colors Available 

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